Drastic steps to hit ideal weight

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Some women would take drastic steps to hit their ideal weight, a poll in a “Fitness” magazine has revealed

Would you go as far as this?

  • 23% would spend a week in jail
  • 23% would shave their head
  • 22% would wear a bikini on TV
  • 21% would trade 10 years of life
  • 85% would rather have an extra toe than 50 extra pounds

When it came to the ideal body 53% preferred Keira Knightly’s over Queen Latifah’s who came in with 49%. When it came to name calling 76% would prefer to be known as the ‘friendly chubby girl’ than to be called a ‘skinny witch’. 52% feel more energetic at their thinnest and 32% more sociable.

However over half, 53% also admit to eating an entire box of biscuits, a whole pizza or a cake or pie in one sitting.

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