Recumbent bikes – the most comfortable workout ever!

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What better way to achieve a cardiovascular, muscle-toning workout than cycling through beautiful tree laden trails in autumn. Except for the dogs that should be on their lead, slippery, muddy inclines rain, hail and a biting wind.

So what is an avid cyclist to do when faced with this? Try turning to an exercise bike and a recumbent exercise bike will surprise even the most serious rider.

They may not look like a normal bike and they may seem the easy way out with their comfortable bucket seats. But don’t be fooled, these modern marvels can give you a workout that will work more muscle groups, burn calories by the dozen and leave you breathless even more so than a normal upright bike.

With the technology that some recumbents offer it is now possible to match or even best the challenges an outdoor course provides, without the pitfalls. Place one in front of your TV and your workout will fly by. If you buy one with programmes that control the resistance they will do a pretty good simulation of that rainy mountainous road. These bikes can also do something that a road bike cannot, they can provide feedback. What better way to motivate a rider than to provide instant information about exercise progress with mileage, incline, calories burned and even heart rate?

While it’s hard to beat that mountain course for beauty, stationary bike offerings do provide a fantastic alternative. And what’s better is that weather or time of day has no impact on exercising. A good exercise routine can start whenever and wherever there’s a recumbent cycle to be found.

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