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A new report from a 10 year study by Cancer Research UK has shown that those who were thin, have stayed thin and those who were overweight or obese have dramatically increased their weight.

Almost 12,000 men and women had their weight and waist measurements taken in 1993/4.

Researchers then compared these statistics with weight and waist measurements in a similar sample taken from the Health Survey for England 10 years later.

It proved that a person who is thin stays thin throughout their life, where as the person whom is fat gets fatter. That means the experts observed that slimmer adults are almost slim after 10 years where as the heaviest people became much heavier after 10 years. These inequalities are mostly seen in people who are under 45.

People who are thin are often more active as their body shape allows them to spend more time performing exercise. In fact it appears that their body actually promotes and encourages them to be energetic. They are also more likely to follow basic diet principals.

Whereas fat people, because of their large body size find it difficult to perform exercise, the one thing that would help them burn calories and control their weight. Food is often a way of dealing with stress, something that exercise can reduce, and as more food is consumed, the harder it gets to become active, stress increases further and a vicious circle ensues.

Fat people must follow a proper diet in order to reduce their weight by following certain principles such as eating healthy snacks, performing cardiovascular workouts or aerobic exercises daily, and taking mini meals instead of one or two heavy meals.

Another study by the Medical Research Council found that people who are in their early middle age seem to put on more weight quicker than people slightly older. But the waistlines of the older group appear to grow more quickly.

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